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VENG is the company designated by CONAE® to bring SAOCOM® products to market

SAOCOM® is a constellation made of two high resolution and quadruple polarization L-band SAR satellites which observes Earth’s surface night and day regardless of weather conditions. SAOCOM® is part of the SIASGE














Acquisition ModeNominal Resolution
(Rng x Az) [m]
Nominal Size of the Scene
(Rng x Az) [km]
SP: Single Polarization, DP: Dual Poralization, QP: Quad Polarization
STRIPMAP SP10 x 1040 x 74HH or VV
STRIPMAP DP10 x 1040 x 74HH+HV or VV+VH
STRIPMAP QP10 x 1020 x 74HH+HV+VH+VV
TOPSAR NARROW SP30 x 30150 x 222HH or VV
TOPSAR NARROW DP30 x 30150 x 222HH+HV or VV+VH
TOPSAR WIDE SP50 x 50350 x 445HH or VV
TOPSAR WIDE DP50 x 50350 x 445HH+HV or VV+VH
TOPSAR WIDE QP100 x 100220 x 445HH+HV+VH+VV


Special discounts will be applied to Argentinian companies

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This site is devoted to people, companies or institutions interested in purchasing SAOCOM Products. If you or your organization has an in-force agreement with CONAE, please contact atenció

The form is for those interested in purchasing SAOCOM Products to contact VENG and channel their needs.

VENG is a company authorized by CONAE to distribute, commercialize, use and/or render services with SAOCOM Mission satellite images.

As the SAOCOM Satellite is a RADAR, the information it produces is independent of the cloud coverage. By working in L Band, the satellite can obtain information by penetrating the vegetation cover and soil, capturing moisture information. Among other products it can generate are: Ship Maps, Soil Moisture Maps, Forecast System of Wheat Spike Fusarium.
The maximum resolution is 10mts, and the maximum revisit time is 16 days for ONE (1) Satellite and 8 days for TWO (2) Satellites, which can be reduced according to the requirements of the SAOCOM Product.

The maximum response time is 72 working hours. In case of urgency, please contact us by phone at +54 11 4340-5290, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (Argentine local time).

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Argentine local time).

On this site you will find the current price list. For products that are not included in it, please contact us.
There are discounts for large volume orders or specific requirements, which are studied on a case-by-case basis with VENG's commercial team.

We are currently developing a dynamic online platform to check the availability of products (future or past). In the meantime, please contact us by email with your requirements in the subject line. In case you cannot specify your requirements, our technical team will provide support accordingly.

The maximum waiting time to receive a SAOCOM product is 72 hours after the satellite acquires it.
During the purchase and waiting process, you will receive several notices that will inform you about the status of your order.

  • TIFF (Level 1B)
  • GEOTIFF (Level 1C e 1D)
  • JPEG (Level 1B, 1C, 1D)

Some examples:

  • ENVI 4.4 and higher versions
  • SARScape
  • Erdas Image 9.3.2 and higher versions
  • SocetSet 5.5
  • Photomod
  • Gamma software
  • ESA’s NEST 3C and Derby 3.0
  • SNAP
  • QGIS

The SAOCOM products that are generated are:

  • L1A: Single Look Complex
  • L1B: Detected image
  • L1C: Projected on an ellipsoid (ground ellipsoid corrected)
  • L1D: Projected on a DEM (geocoded terrain corrected)

Other products such as Moisture Map, Ship Detection, etc. are also generated. For these products contact us.

Orbital features of SAOCOM-1A

  • Type of orbit: Synchronous helium
  • Orbits per day: 16
  • Inclination: 97.9°
  • Height: 620 km
  • Local time asc node: 6:12:15 a.m.
  • Revisit: 16 days
  • Acquisition Modes (and Polarization)
    • StripMap (SP, DP, QP)
    • TopSar Narrow (SP, DP, QP)
    • TopSar Wide (SP, DP, QP)

SP: Single Polarization, DP: Dual Polarization; QP: Quad Polarization

Yes, VENG can provide stacks for Interferometry purposes. At the same time, our technical team could offer customized processing.

Yes, VENG can provide this service. Given the diversity of this service, please contact us.

Customers in Argentina can pay by MercadoPago or by Bank Transfer.
Foreign customers can choose PayPal or Bank Transfer.
A Checking Account can be processed to reduce administrative times.

Once the administrative and technical process is finished, SAOCOM Products are automatically delivered by SFTP.

Please contact CONAE (

For more information please contact through the form on this website.


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SAOCOM® (Argentine Satellite of Observation with Microwaves) is a constellation made of two Earth observation satellites owned by CONAE® (National Commission for Space Activities). Each satellite has an L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR). SAOCOM-1A is the first satellite of the two, and was launched by SpaceX on October 2018. The satellite that will complete the constellation, SAOCOM 1B, has an estimated launch date at the beginning of 2020.